August 23rd, 2006


Brave new etc.s

Despite my grousing of yesterday, Sampo revisions are actually going pretty well again. I have reminded myself once again that I do not work sequentially. There is no reason I should work sequentially, not at this stage of revisions any more than earlier. (I think there is a time where you have to look at things sequentially, because that's how the reader reads the book. But that time is later, when some of the gaping chasms have been filled in.) It's one of the most basic things, and yet I forget so often. I should make myself a sign for on my monitor. Is there anything you know about yourself and how you do things, but you keep forgetting anyway? Or am I the only one who's dumb this way?

I have improved so much over the writing of this book. The down side is that I was so very unready to write this book when I started it, and so there are, in some places, more revision bits than book. But I feel like I've emerged into some sunshiney novel-writing glade, blinking and muttering about brave new etc.s that have such etc.s etc.

Also I'm in that stage where I want to write everything next. Everything. Well, everything that's mine, anyway. Which probably means I should keep on with the revisions, quietly, and maybe a bit of "Carter Hall Judges the Lines" when I feel like working longhand, and see what emerges from it all.

greykev is coming through here later today, in search of books and food and a dry place to rest his head. (Possibly also a wet place to rest his butt -- I don't know how much the hot tub was a factor in his vacation decisions.) Kev is the world's easiest houseguest. Not sure how long he'll be here (except for "not very"), but that fact that he'll be here for most of today is probably the only thing that's keeping me from going insane at the fact that my Veronica Mars Season 2 DVDs haven't shown up yet. I've never felt this way about a TV show before (<-- insert breathless ingenue voice there, if you like) It's disconcerting. I'm only supposed to be this excited about the release dates of books.

Axe and cream

greykev brought me a birthday axe. Not a guitar. Not some other obscure slang reference. Axe, subcategory bearded.

You realize that now I have to sell the books with Soldrun in them.

Also I have to find a place to put it in the office here. If only there wasn't a built-in ironing board, that would be the obvious spot. (But if only there wasn't a built-in ironing board, we probably would have put a bookshelf there.)

Also, dairy-eating Minneapolitans, quick! Before it's all gone! Pumphouse Creamery is selling blueberry buttermilk ice cream, and it is the taste to which blueberry cheesecake has previously aspired! It's right there next to the Levain/Turtle Bread/Pizza Biga complex on fortymumble and Chicago, and you, too, can have blueberry buttermilk ice cream! Or chocolate brownie with dried Door Cty. cherries, or many other happy things. And also the owner will remember you; at least, she remembers me.

And according to your wishes -- or at least the wishes of some of you -- as expressed in yesterday's poll, I have had some chocolate and soaked in hot water, and now the beastlet is falling asleep on my lap, with her head draped over my arm, and I will wander off to do important things like removing my contacts.

Oh, and timprov's chair came, but my DVDs did not. Tomorrow. I really do hope.