August 18th, 2006


Hug, kick, hug, tomato.

Everyone should have a ksumnersmith. Happily for the rest of you, I'm perfectly willing to share the one I found. She is not, of course, the only one of my friends who can make me square my shoulders and set my chin and dig in to keep going, because this writing thing is a long, long haul. But she's the one who did it this week, and I am most extremely grateful.

Everybody needs a hug sometimes. Everybody needs a kick in the butt sometimes. It is an awfully good thing to have friends who can do both, in series or in parallel. It is how we stay human, I think.

Well, that and taking the neighbors baked goods and fresh tomatoes. I'll be doing that, too, now that we have new neighbors to the north. They will think I'm a nice person, and I will have fewer tomatoes. It's all part of the evil scheme.

Also, we have the wiring completed on the hot tub! The Strange Disturbing Monkeys have left Ista's domain, and she is having a nap to recuperate from her stressful morning. (As opposed to most days at this time, when she is having a nap to recuperate from her relaxing morning.) Additional Strange, Disturbing Monkeys will be out later to start the thing up with us and to bring the step they didn't bring before but should have. And there was much rejoicing. No, really. Much.

Also I am reading Farthing, and I love it, but it's one of the books that makes me feel extremely quiet inside. Good thing I had no firm social plans for the rest of the weekend, because I think it has all just been declared quiet time. (Quiet time is a good thing.)

I'd better get back to work while the hug-kick-hug sequence is still in effect.