August 16th, 2006

getting by

proposing a trade

Does anybody want a trade? You can have my 3-5 p.m. if I can have your 6-8 a.m. Or even 7-9 a.m. would do.

Usually I have the happy brain chemistry. Occasionally I find myself thinking that nothing I write will ever be worthwhile again and incidentally all the other stuff I'm doing is bad and wrong, too. And when I look at the clock, it is invariably late afternoon when I think that stuff. Happily, I am smart enough to look at the clock every time now. Sadly, it still happens.

So whaddaya say? There are surely many of you who aren't happy with those hours of the day but like the late afternoon just fine.

(This in lieu of mopier content. Spanish rice recipe and report on Minsk Market of Eagan later.)