August 15th, 2006


Um, yay?

Yesterday I got stubborn about calling electricians. We have had a hot tub not-hooked-up on the back porch for too long. This morning one of the electricians called back: could he stop by to do the estimate in about fifteen minutes? Sure, we said. He was here in five. He's starting work tomorrow morning, and he's charging significantly less than the not-calling-back guy estimated, and the stuff he says is necessary makes sense (putting the other outlets in the room on GFI circuits) rather than sounding totally arbitrary and weird.

I'm a little dazed that this actually worked. timprov says, "You feel like you charged headfirst into the breach and found the door open?" Yah. That. Now I have to get some lunch in me so I can go down to the Saturn dealership and have them make sure my car's not going to break soon. I've finished Disco for the Departed, so I'll need a couple new books to bring with me, and probably a new paper journal, too. And some fruit leather. I travel prepared.

Hot tub hot tub hot tub! Woooo!
writing everywhere

Down on paper

Zeph (the car) has gone ninety thousand miles now, so I took it in for a checkup. They told me it was going to be three and a half hours. I said that was fine. They asked, somewhat skeptically, if I was going to wait around for that long. And indeed I was. Miraculously, the car was ready less than two hours later. A-mazing.

The drawback to this was that I figured I would have approximately no writing time at home this afternoon, so I made myself finish the draft of "In the Velvet Swamp" longhand in my paper journal, sitting at a scrinchy little desk in the waiting lounge at the Saturn dealership. My shoulders are distinctly displeased. If I'd known, I would have just read Rex Stout and saved the draft end for when I got home. Ah well; a draft is a draft, and I think this one's all pretty all right. It's based on an elisem pendant, and it came out for angeyja (who gave me the pendant) and callunav, although the dedication is likely to read their given names instead of their lj names.

Coincidentally, I finished the last page of the story on the last page of this paper journal. (If this had not worked out, it would have been okay -- I brought another paper journal with.) It worked really well to have a short story I was writing entirely in the paper journal, because then whenever I had the opportunity to sit with the paper journal and didn't have something else I wanted to ramble about or work on, there was my froggy story waiting for me. I think I should try to have such a project going in my next journal, too.

I had several choices for the next journal, between gifts and purchases, but I decided it was time to try the Moleskine everybody and their little yellow dog has been raving about. We'll see. So far, the ink just barely doesn't soak through the pages (that's good), but I have no use for the pocket yet. But I've had things stuck in paper journals without pockets enough times that I could see the pocket coming in handy. The propaganda packaged with the Moleskine made me roll my eyes and make unladylike noises, but propaganda doesn't make it worse any more than it would have made it better. (Why is the moral so often "we'll see"?)

Now, of course, I have to type "ItVS" and tweak the bits marked for tweaking. But that's no problem. Just not tonight. I'm far enough behind on comments tonight that I'm going to try again tomorrow, I think. Oh, and I had intended to do the reading notes for the first half of August tonight, and maybe tell another story. Well, you're all patient people, right? Or can pretend to be through the wonders of the internet, at least.

OhandIforgottosaythevertigocameback. But there are drugs! So!