August 8th, 2006

good mris pic

Alien invasion question and ice cream

The nice people over at Meme Therapy asked me and deannahoak and a couple of other folks a question about our preferences in alien invasion, and printed the answers. They do this periodically, and I answered another question for them, so we'll just see if they feel like using it later. This "ask a bunch of people in the genre questions related to the genre and see the answers" thing is yet another item in the category, "Interesting things I don't want to do myself, so I'm glad someone else is."

It's a large category, really.

Today is one of those days when timing seems fairly tight without anything really earth-shaking happening. Not that ice cream expeditions with one of my favorite hordes of children and their parents are not earth-shaking! I would never want to imply such a thing. Anyway, I'm going to package up a couple of things to take to the post office on the way to or from the said extremely important ice cream acquisition. And the new plotty bits that go in Sampo are going in Sampo much better than they were before. Revising new plot points in is hard, that's what I have to say about that. Maybe some of you like doing it that way, but I really would rather not, if it's all the same to you.


I put this in the comments section of truepenny's lj, and then realized I might get more sympathy with it here:

I sympathize. Yesterday my brain was induced to start composing The Twisted Wreck of the Mandy Patinkin, as written by the collaborative team of W. S. Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan, and Gordon Lightfoot.

I long for death's sweet embrace.

(Okay, that last is hyperbole. I just think that one chorus of one song was mildly amusing in conversation, and my brain could have stopped there.)