August 4th, 2006


AKICILJ: the banana edition

So. timprov's pseudotumor cerebri makes it necessary for him to take a medication that leaches potassium (among other things). The med is the only one available, the only therapy short of brain surgery or regular spinal taps (and they're not really interested in doing regular spinal taps -- risk of infection etc. -- and he's not really interested in the side effects there, either). So, y'know, okay: he takes the med, he can get out of bed pretty much every single day, and in exchange he has to eat a bunch of bananas.

But bananas go nasty at varying rates, so sometimes we will buy a bunch and he'll eat them all before they go south, and sometimes we'll buy a bunch and end up with five brown bananas.

I already have the banana bread recipe I want -- my grandmother's, and it's awesome -- and I already have ksumnersmith's addictive banana chocolate chip muffins -- and I already have a recipe for banana bars with pecans in. Any other suggestions?

I'm willing to just keep making up loaves of banana bread -- other people seem willing to take them home, and we have a chest freezer in the basement for storage purposes, and anyway banana bread is one of the things that makes the world go. (I am absolutely not kidding about the last part. Society holds together as much as it does in part because of people giving each other banana bread in tough times.) But if anybody has any alternate uses for bananas that have started to go brown, I'd really appreciate it.

Edited to add: While other ideas for potassium-rich food are welcome, we've already looked into that, and have concluded that we need to do that in addition to keeping a supply of bananas in the house, not instead of. It's great if he gets a little more potassium from, say, baked yams, or blueberries. But it's a lot easier for him to just keep track of whether he's eaten bananas than to try to calculate how much was in the potato salad and whether there was any in the asparagus or whether that's artichokes and so on.
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Trying to pry my brain off this book

All right, my dears. I am going to repeat to myself, "It is not yet time to write The True Tale of Carter Hall," a hundred times over (while, uh, finishing this chapter), and in the meantime, I am in interrogation mode. Answer all or some or none, as you like:
1. Do you smell things in your dreams? ("I don't know, I've never thought about it," is a reasonable answer if true.)
2. If this was a saga, how would they tag you over and over again? This can either take the form of "Thorolf Thorolfsson the Bald" or "wily Odysseus" -- that is, formal or informal. How would they tag me? How would they tag someone we both know, if you can think of such an example?
3. Do random strangers talk to you? Or is it some non-random group of strangers? (And hey, do you have ideas about why they talk to me? I'm mulling.)
4. What song has been in your head most recently?
5. Where were you on the night of the 23rd? Is this everybody's parents' standard "I realize I sound like a cop" question, or is it just my parents'?