July 26th, 2006



It is my birthday, and I have the blood of innocents on my hands. Or possibly it is cherry juice. These are some extremely juicy cherries, making for the best birthday scones on record. Also the dogbeast put herself to bed last night, which she does for markgritter but never before for me, since the apparent rule is that Puppies Stay Up Later Than Mrissas. (Puppies Also Use Lots Of Capitals. They're Like Twelve-Year-Olds And Victorians That Way.) Considering what a wretched brat she was for my birthday last year, this was extremely heartening.

I have all kinds of stuff on the agenda for the day. Some of it involves housecleaning, but these things happen; life is like that. Most of it is much better than housecleaning.

I definitely appreciate birthday e-mails and lj posts (and phone calls, cards, etc.). I tend to wish people "happy my birthday!" when they wish me a happy birthday, because I couldn't possibly have all the cake, ice cream, chocolate, flowers, presents, etc., nor would I even want to. So go nuts! Good chocolate is a perfectly reasonable way to celebrate my birthday. I have bottles of green wine in the fridge -- green wine is a very good way to celebrate my birthday. Read something good (and even better, tell me about it!) -- very appropriate Mrissish birthday thing. I usually have a great time on my birthday -- why shouldn't you?

Edited to add: I have been asked on e-mail by enough people now: green wine is wine that is green. You know how most white wines are a pale yellow? These are kind of a pale green. Yellowish green. The best green wines are Hungarian, but other countries do a credible job with them as well -- Portuguese vinho verde, for example, can be a very fine thing indeed. They tend to be sweet but not overwhelmingly so, and not very dry at all. I have occasionally made statements like, "If it's green, I'll drink it," but this is not strictly true. If it's green, and is a wine, and is supposed to be green, I'll drink it. Wheatgrass juice need not apply.