July 18th, 2006

geek shirt by the falls

Things What Are Good

1. I have my first birthday card! With extreme cuteness included! (And no, that doesn't mean it was from my niece. Her extreme cuteness has so far come by e-mail.)

2. timprov's doctor visit resulted in a plan that seems like it might even qualify as good and workable. Also, I got to see our doctor and nurse with nothing wrong with me, and our doctor is quite amusing. This time there was no discussion of Cossacks or third eyes, but she and I made bacteria-noises at each other. Does your doctor make bacteria-noises? I didn't think so.

3. There is, as I have mentioned, nothing wrong with me just now. I feel fine. Still. I know! I'm as surprised as you are! And probably even happier.

4. I almost certainly get to eat mozzarella fresca with fresh garden basil and cherry tomatoes that taste like actual tomatoes and not reddish mush, sometime today. This is such a happy thing. I also get boysenberry sorbet with Ghirardelli chips if I want it. I'm still mired in that particular obsession, but it's a good mire.

5. The ending to "In the Velvet Swamp" came clear on the drive down to my folks' for dinner last night, so now I just have to sit down and put words on paper and it will be done. And the words-on-paper part is looking quite reasonable for this particular short story.

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The wrongness of my mom.

sensational was unaware that my birthday is in one week and one day. Clearly, I have not mentioned it enough: I will be 28! On my birthday! Which is in one week and one day!

And on that topic, my mom and I had a Discussion, prompting me to make a poll:

Poll #772721 How Wrong Is My Mom?

Marissa looks

way younger than her actual age.
about her actual age.
way older than her actual age.
too young to buy her own booze.
too old to worry about carrying her ID when she's buying booze.
like she could be a college student.
like she could be a grad student.
like she's out of school for sure.
like she's in her 20s somewhere.
like she's in her 20s or 30s.
like she's in her mid-20s.
like she's in her late-20s.
like she's in her late-20s/early-30s.
like she's between cradle and grave somewhere -- I'm really bad at judging these things.
like some particular age in person, but I wouldn't know, as I haven't seen her in person, and I don't trust the internet for such judgments.

Also Marissa looks

younger with her hair up/back.
older with her hair up/back.
the same with her hair up/back.
different ages depending on how she's dressed.
about the same age no matter how she's dressed.
extremely silly and her face is going to freeze like that.
probably different with different clothes/hairstyles, but I wouldn't know because I've only ever seen her with one style of hair/clothing and can't really imagine a different one.
probably different with different clothes/hairstyles, but I wouldn't know because I've never seen her and pictures on the internet are not enough to judge.
like this one girl I knew once (please specify).
like the rum is gone.

This came up because of our house-painter's behavior (NO, my mom is not here -- I AM THE HOMEOWNER!), and also because of the kid in the drive-through when I was getting food for timprov (that is not even legal, sonny!!!), and also because of my mom's new neighbors (NO, I am not home for the summer, I am home all the time because home is where I live!). But looking older or younger is a value-neutral thing for me -- if you say that I look way older than 28, I will say, "Hah, so there, Mom and lydy, I TOLD YOU!" and not, "Oh woes I look like a shriveled hag of [lower age than the average age of my friendslist]! All of youth's pleasures are lost to me forever, wailie woe!" And if you say I look way younger than 28, that's okay, too, except that you will be wrong like my mom and lydy. But other than that it'll be fine. I won't be mad at you for being wrong. I'm wrong, too, sometimes. (I am being silly here, but I seriously do want to know.)
good mris pic

Two very serious things.

1. My face did freeze that way.

2. You know that meme that's going around, with all the checkboxes? Nobody on my friendslist has admitted to having been the psycho ex in a past relationship. I wonder if it would be different if it was, "I have been the heartless jerk who broke his/her heart." Or maybe you're all model exes; who knows.

Is this useful? Not at all, but I'm in a very odd mood for getting things done. Where by "very odd," I mean "silly and not very useful." I should probably go away from the computer so that I still have decent shoulder-time left when I'm feeling less silly. On the other hand, if I don't corral the brain now, it may run screaming off and not return for weeks and then with beads and feathers it got heaven knows where. I will write longhand tonight. Yes. I will write the end of "In the Velvet Swamp" longhand, since the rest of the story is longhand anyway, and it's probably good for me not to get too hooked into one mode in case I need to be in another for some reason. But before then I will make two little things in MSS go more sensibly. Really. Truly.