July 16th, 2006


I just knew it.

I figured out why it is that the Queen of Air and Darkness can take hockey players in The True Tale of Carter Hall and assorted works.

It's all the Stars' fault.

What does the North Star symbolize? Constancy, right? The fixed, unmoving, immovable North Star. Everybody knew that.

The bastards up and moved to Dallas.

You can't draw on mythology when it suits you and then toss it away, tra la la, never mind, I didn't mean that the very symbol of constancy wanders around wherever it feels the urge. I just meant...er...something different. Yes, must be. It can't be what it looks like. La la la.

It is most likely a very dark and bloody thing to get this little problem fixed, especially with the new team name. The Wild? People, you really have to be careful what bacchanalias you summon. (This is a good rule for life.)

Let us not think what it means that the Whalers are not only now become Hurricanes, but that the Hurricanes have won.

Oh, wait. Let us. Because that kind of works, in that whole red-in-tooth-and-claw elemental-forces way.