July 14th, 2006

writing everywhere

Cherries, I really think.

Cherries are on the tip of my brain. Once I figure out what cherries have to do with this story, I will be able to finish it. That will be good. They go somewhere, the dark good kind. I think I need to make my brain shift to feeling the story with my mouth instead of my hands, and then it'll all go. (Writers are all fruitbats. Remember this. Not even the same kind of fruitbats.)

"This story" is "Why I Live in the Silver Mine," the dwarves/Grateful Dead/Eudora Welty story with the edges of Snow White coming around its edges. I was mostly joking when it came to mind, but then Quartz Marie was not a narrator I could ignore indefinitely, so here we are, Quartz Marie and her sister Tourmaline (who went off with a Tall Folk and is now back without so much as kiss-my-boot) and Uncle Gabbro and all the rest.

I'm having a good time with it, with the magic fiddle and the mining, and I'm inordinately fond of Quartz Marie telling the rest of the family, "If you ask me, we should listen to a bird who knows more than one story," when Tourmaline has consulted with a crow on the subject of the magic fiddle. If it turns out to be any good, that'll be a bonus after all the fun it's been to write.

Still. Cherries. I just don't know where they go.

Fine, actually.

I have posted enough "I feel physically cruddy" stuff in the last year that I just wanted to say, hey, y'know what? I feel fine. And that should not be intoned as a Monty Python reference -- it's not, "I feel fine. I feel happyyyyy. I think I'll go for a walk." It's just...well, fine.

I feel fine enough that my body is working more or less normally again in terms of demanding exercise/activity. For me, this is like getting hungry or sleepy. I get...movement-y. It's related to fidgety, but it's not the same feeling. It's sometimes inconvenient (I hope my body doesn't start demanding two workouts a day regularly the way it did Tuesday -- I have other things I like to do with that time), but it's like food and sleep that way: sometimes your body wants more of them than you want, or wants them at inconvenient times, but if you go a long time without getting hungry or sleepy, you know something's wrong.

(I do not claim that everybody has a physical sensation for needing exercise the way they have for needing food or sleep. Just that I seem to.)

Feeling fine is not usually news, but on the other hand, if you don't mention it and you do mention the times when you feel like warmed-over fewmets, people begin to gather the wrong impression. So I just thought I'd say: having a good body day. Feeling like a reasonable human being. Thought you should know.

Local mythologies

I am extremely worried by this. King Boreas can't go over to the other team! Have these people never heard of global warming? It's not okay! It's not okay at all!

I'm going to be uneasy all winter about this, somewhere in the back of my writerbrain.