July 13th, 2006


Vegan recipes

Somebody on my friendslist is going vegan, and I told her I would post recipes. I am not myself a vegan or anything like one, so the recipes I've acquired are things that I like for their taste, and they just happen to be vegan. Here's a list of recipes I've already posted elsewhere. I'll probably add more in the comments as I have the time. Please feel free to do the same!

Aïgo Bouïdo
Double Mushroom Chili
Magic Potato Casserole (not actually vegan but easily veganizable -- it's a zipper recipe, like Pete Seeger's zipper songs -- veggies and soy cheese and judicious choice of sauce will make it go)
Red Jungle Fowl's Joy
Roasted Asparagus Casserole, if you use soy cheese
Poached Pears
Baked Apples

My all-purpose fruit crisp is easily veganizable as well, but I don't seem to have that right at hand here. I'll go looking tomorrow. Bon appetit!