July 5th, 2006



After a mere nine previews*, markgritter and I saw "Superman Returns" this afternoon.** I have often said that one of my family's primary modes of communication is punchline code -- "You can't eat a good pig like that all at once," that sort of thing. I had cause to deploy one of our local favorites several times during this movie: "Superman, you're an asshole when you're drunk." Only he wasn't drunk. Sigh.

This is also my canonical example of the joke you can never tell because you only think of it when the conversation has telegraphed the general subject, rending the ending unfunny. (Or, y'know, unfunnier.) Happily, making it the canonical example has meant that when the conversation turns to a joke the person can't tell because the conversation has telegraphed the general subject, I can tell that one. So that's a good outcome, I guess.

Anyway, I like Kevin Spacey. I think that's the moral of this story. If this story has to have a moral.

And then I found five bucks.

*I'm not kidding. Nine. Also several of them related to football in some fashion. Signs that a movie is too mainstream, I guess.

**We like to go to matinees, because a) we're cheap and b) we're misanthropes. Some of us more than others. Usually this is not possible, because while markgritter works from home, he does need to be available for IM, the phone, e-mail, etc. for other people he works with. But Sun makes their people take this week off. We may see another movie Friday just because we can.