July 3rd, 2006

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Note to self, conscious portion: Yes, ksumnersmith's banana-chocolate chip muffins are really good with a dab of butter after 30 seconds in the microwave. But you remember the part of the recipe that says, "Add as many chocolate chips as you like"? The part you claim makes it a good recipe? Yah. That means you to have to use a fork when you eat them nuked, you uncivilized monkey. Because you are very lucky no one saw you eat breakfast, with all that chocolate getting under your fingernails.

Note to self, subconscious portion: Thanks for changing your dream interpretation of pain from the usual dream of childbirth (*yawn*) to a dream where I was in a crashing zeppelin. Much, much better -- although if you can get rid of the hackneyed class-struggle subplot, that'd be better still. But did you then have to wake up? You had already explained the pain in the context of what you were doing with your little quasi-random firings, and I'd already taken my ibuprofen like a good kid and couldn't do anything more. So could I have gotten a little more sleep? Perhaps? No? Sigh.

Note to people spending tomorrow in the U.S.: When I was small, we often traveled for the Fourth of July. It was easier for my dad and my grands to get their vacation time then. So I can tell you: every town of more than 10K (and several towns smaller than that) contains someone who has heard that their fireworks are some of the best in the country. Every last one. It may well be that the fireworks where you spend your Fourth actually are some of the best in the country. Some of the places you wouldn't expect much from do a great job. But the fact that someone was telling you they'd heard that is more or less irrelevant.

See also: Fourth of July parades.
good mris pic

For readers of yhlee

Yoon notes briefly elsewhere, "I'm still here; but I am leaving LJ. Take care."

I know that sometimes people worry when someone deletes her lj and they don't see any explanation or reassurance that the person is okay. So I thought I'd pass it along in case anybody would find themselves worried.