June 28th, 2006


Various Updates

Dad brought the charger up last night, so we'll get the battery charged enough to get the car over to buy a new battery. Or get its alternator fixed. Whichever turns out to be the problem; we suspect the former but are prepared for the latter.

The hot tub people are arranging to get the door off the sun-porch so they can put the hot tub in. (!!!)

The zoo yesterday was pretty cool: nice weather, good company. I got home pretty tired and dizzy, though.

I have read Garth Nix's Sir Thursday, lent to me yesterday by the little girls, and I'm now climbing the walls like everyone else waiting to find out what happens next. And the next volume isn't listed on Amazon yet, that I could find. SIGH.

I have a million and one things to do today, and most of them require me to be upright. The stuff that didn't get done when I was dizzy all day every day is coming back to bite me pretty hard, and I'm not actually feeling great yet, just better.

More later if I manage to carve out a chunk of time for lj.