June 24th, 2006

good mris pic

Week of June 18-24

Three rejections, one hold request. Answers are good. Movement is good. Etc. And I was doing well enough in the later part of the week to actually be able to send things back out, which is generally a plus.

We had the happiest! puppy! ever! this afternoon: she got to go to the Eagan Art Festival with my folks and me and markgritter and timprov. Oh, the puply joy! Oh, the wagging and the panting and the walking upon hind legs! The Eagan Art Festival had pottery inferior to ladysea's and other stuff we didn't want, plus a few things that will work as small-person gifts. And I liked the glass hair noodles -- little glass spirals that wrap around hair and hold themselves there, oddly but well -- but only one of them was a decent color, and the people who most ought to have them have not indicated that we will be in the same city soon. So I didn't buy any. Still, they were unique and cool. And it was nice to be able to get out and do something, even if I was ready to lie down a bit when we got back.

Progress. We like progress.