June 13th, 2006

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Drawbacks of adulthood

You know what I miss from being little? Being able to wail like an air-raid siren every once in awhile when you didn't feel good. Sure, you'd get in trouble and have to apologize to Great-Aunt Thus-and-such and go to your room, but at least you'd get a good howl in first. And after the door closed behind you, you'd hear your mom or dad say, "poor kiddo, it's rough not feeling good when you're little." Not a picnic when you're big, either, actually.

Also I miss the banana kind of Jell-o Pudding Pops. I don't want vanilla or chocolate or swirl. I want banana. I think they stopped making them when I was 7, when they introduced swirl. But maybe I just associate it with that year because that's the year they stopped making Kookaburras, which were the best Girl Scout cookies ever.

Having a good memory is not always a blessing. Wouldn't trade it, though.
good mris pic

Quick update

Inner ear-related diagnosis, tentatively. More tests in early July and a med until then. I shouldn't expect to feel better from the med immediately, but I should expect to feel better.

More detail available on e-mail as requested.