June 12th, 2006

good mris pic

Another Monday update

markgritter left for California at oh-dark-thirty this morning (actually it was oh-dark-fifteen, but one doesn't like to sound hyperbolic), and he's safely there. My mom came to help me out with stuff around here and take me and the dog to the dog's vet appointment. Ista had impacted and infected scent glands, so they cleaned those out and gave her an antibiotic, and now we will have to stop calling her "baboon." Mom took Ista home with her, and we'll see how the doctor's appointment tomorrow goes. She's a good pup, and we love her, but I am really not in any state to be dealing with puppy-care tonight, even on the level of getting her fed and watered, and timprov is not feeling enough better reliably enough that we could just have him do those parts of the tasks. And she enjoys her grandmonkeys, and they her, so nobody is really hurt by this arrangement.

Today I've finished reading this week's New Scientist and Bright Orange for the Shroud, and I'm still poking at a couple of long pieces of nonfiction, and at my own fiction, and I've started reading Sharon Kay Penman's Prince of Darkness (which I suspect refers to John Lackland rather than Satan, but we'll see). I have read a lot this week.

I was thinking of doing the "ask me a question, all comments screened" thing after a couple of people on my friendslist did it, but that's not really what I want -- I have plenty of topics I could write on at length, if I was writing at length upright. What I really want is to ask you questions so you can answer them so I have interesting things to read in my upright periods. Y'know, like I've been doing. Only I'm coming up short. Umm. Good time to send me interesting e-mails, though, and thanks to those of you who have; I'm getting to them, truly.

Oh, I know: someone gives you the day off from your usual activities tomorrow (school, work at home or elsewhere, whatever) and makes you take it. What do you do? If they provided an allowance for the day -- say $500 US -- would the answer change? (Assume that if you have a cold or something today, it will disappear for the duration of your day's holiday.)