June 10th, 2006

getting by


This is me not going to Madison for Andrew's wedding today.

This is me not applying to Viable Paradise this year.

This is me not making plans to go to the Bay Area with markgritter yet.

This is me not buying a membership for WorldCon or World Fantasy Con yet.

This is me not in a good mood.

This is me squaring my shoulders and going on with the day. All right, I've already asked you to tell me something good, and I've already asked about dreams. Silly fantasy writer question of the day (which does not make me silly fantasy writer of the day -- you can still vie for that title, some of you): if you got to have one object you currently own invested with magic, what object would it be, and what magic?

Alternately, do you know what your oldest possession is? and why have you kept it for that long?

Not from around here.

Sometimes when reading a book, I have a moment of thinking, "You're not from around here, are you?" It's come up again with men's sizes: Ted Morgan's Reds (about McCarthyism) refers to a man as a "behemoth." The height and weight given? 6'4", 270#. And okay, that's a big man. Not in any sense a small man. But "behemoth"? Come on, Mr. Morgan -- nobody would stare at a guy that size on the street. He's just not bigger than dozens of men you see every day at the grocery store or Bigdale.

And then: click! Oh. Not from around here. Right.

Sigh. Still. I've run across books referring to huge men, giants, really really big, who were six foot two and over two hundred pounds, oh golly!, and it throws me way out of the book. If it's fiction, I don't think you need the numbers; if nonfiction, I don't think you need the adjectives, unless you're clearly talking about how the people of that person's time/place perceived him/her.
good mris pic

Week of June 4-10

Two rejections, two "passed up to higher editor" notes, and one attempt at rejecting something I withdrew over a year ago.

Have notebooks and notes and printouts downstairs now so I can write from the couch for the time being. Am going marginally less insane as a result. Am still a little stir-crazy. markgritter got me library books and a couple of rental movies, so that's good.