June 7th, 2006

good mris pic

Wednesday update

My doctor took a bunch of blood and will run it through the full workup of tests again, either for something newly wrong or for a trend in my blood tests over the last year. If I'm having consistently falling levels of something-or-other, even if they're still in the normal range, she'll spot it. I also have two specialists to see, consecutively rather than concurrently, and a third specialist whose tests sound unpleasant and unlikely to arrive at the root of the problem, and so who we have not decided to have me see yet, preferring to see if the others come up with something or if the symptoms go away again. So I'll be making the first of those appointments today if they'll let me.

The Nurse Poodle does not approve of people taking my blood. She keeps sniffing the spot in crook of my elbow and looking up at me: monkey, is this okay? Concerned Puppy Face is extremely sweet. Also, Ista came back from her grooming on Monday particularly fine. The neighbors across the circle sent their articulate five-year-old with some of their garden strawberries for us, and she kept repeating, "Oh, she's so pretty, what a pretty little poodle puppy!" (Ista was also much taken with the kiddo.)

I am still much less steady than I would prefer to be. As of this morning, I am still not drive-safe. I continue to have hopes that this will ease off soon. I have all kinds of stuff I've been wanting to babble about on lj, but it just hasn't been making the cut for spending my upright time.

I don't like to whine, but I am not enjoying this. Other than the dizziness, I'm mostly feeling fine, so I'm annoyed with having to behave more like an invalid than I feel. And then I stand up, or even sit without support, and I feel plenty broken. So. We will try to get there from here. And we will try not to be too cranky in the meantime.

columbina asked readers to write clerihews for C. -- not necessarily featuring C., I don't think -- and I told timprov I wouldn't ask you-all to write me limericks because I feared you'd do it. So: what wouldn't you ask of your friendslist, knowing that several of them would oblige?

HPV vaccine (reminded by pegkerr)

pegkerr reminded me that I've been thinking about the HPV vaccine. The Strib ran an article Sunday talking about parents not wanting to get their daughters vaccinated, in case it gave them the idea that it was okay to have sex. This is just one of the articles I've read recently.

And I very quickly became very, very upset at this. What I said over at Peg's was: I was upset nearly to tears over the article in the Strib about this on Sunday. If it was doubts about the safety of the vaccine, I'd have to look at the data, but that's not what these people were saying. It boiled down to, "I wouldn't want to save my daughter's life if it meant she might have sex I disapproved of." Or even, "I wouldn't want to save my daughter's life if she was raped by the wrong person." I very quickly lose the ability to discuss this attitude rationally.

Seriously and in specific now that I have the article in front of me: Debra Blaschko, 47, of Mankato, is quoted as saying, "It's not that my kids can't make a mistake. But I want them to strive for the ideal." So to sum up: it's not that her kids can't make a mistake, it's that they should die if they do. Or if they marry someone who once made a sexual choice she wouldn't approve of. Or...etc. You can think of the situations yourself, I'm sure: all the ways in which the children -- the daughter, as men rarely get cervical cancer -- of Debra Blaschko, 47, of Mankato, could behave exactly as she instructed them and still benefit from this vaccine. And then there's the fact that no kid ever behaves exactly as their parents instructed them, because they are their own people with their own choices.

This is not what we call loving parenting.

At pegkerr's, I chose to use the icon with my dad in it, like I'm doing here, and went on to say: My dad was pretty traditionally daddy-protective when I started dating, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that protective behavior was -- is -- about my whole person and what he hoped would make me healthy and happy, not about control. I wish every kid could say the same. (The same is true of my mom, except that she wasn't the one who got dating-protective.)