May 28th, 2006

good mris pic

Week of May 21-27 (slightly belated)

Nomail. Nothing. Not even e-mail. No acceptances, no rejections, no gifts of appreciation of my extravagant silliness...nothing.

Obviously I need to write more short stories. I can't think what's kept me from doing that this week.

At the Como Park Conservatory yesterday, there was a kid who looked just like a 17-year-old version of ccfinlay. He and his friend were wandering around the Japanese Garden, and Mini-Charlie was taking pictures with his cell phone, irises and fish and Irish moss. He turned to his friend after he got the koi to actually show up on the phone's screen. "Man," he said, "people who say they have to move because there's nothing to do here -- man, that's stupid." And my heart overflowed.

ETA: Also, one of the orchids smelled just like Julia at our favorite former Hungarian-Roma restaurant in San Francisco. I stood there sniffing and crinkling my forehead: how did that happen? Why?

Also, I saw a guy at the new downtown library I'd seen at Minicon. I don't know his name, and also he was going into the men's room, so I didn't speak to him. Middle-aged white guy, beard, glasses. You know the one.