May 14th, 2006

good mris pic

Where's the baby-related fire?

People who have children should understand the difference between enjoying someone else's kid and having your own child right this very minute. Really, really, really: if anyone has no illusions about the difference, it should be people with children.

Also, when is someone most likely to acquire their own version of something? When they have a different version they can readily borrow, or when they haven't?

In short, yes, I love my new niece, and yes, I am perfectly happy to bounce her to sleep on my shoulder and smell her head and so on. Please stop suggesting that this means I need to become pregnant in the next 5-10 minutes if at all possible.

Those of you who read this journal probably know that I'm on the pill; I've made no secret of it. But random near-strangers have no way to know that. They might be walking up to people who have been trying to conceive for months or even years, with no results, and cheerfully suggesting that they should start trying. Our family-planning decisions become your business when we say they are, and not before.

But I do love my new niece, and I am perfectly happy to bounce her to sleep on my shoulder, or to play with her toesies in my lap, or to rock her in my arms while she stares at the ceiling (the cats, her dad, her cousins from her other side of family...), and I'm looking forward to more of that today.