May 5th, 2006

dead vikings

Progress, sprouts, testimonial

Chapters yet to draft: 12, 14

Number of fiddly bits to retrofit: 3

This is what we call progress, people.

Also, Soldrun's voice was not, in fact, growing horse, no matter what I typed.

Tonight I am going to attempt to braise myself some brussels sprouts, as I will be the only one eating dinner with me and no one else can complain either that I am eating such a dreadful thing or that I have prepared such a wonderful thing incompetently. The problem is that very few recipes call for five brussels sprouts, which is how many I am making because it is how many I want to eat. Mostly they call for brussels sprouts in quantities approaching a pound or more. I will figure it out. I am Resourceful And So On. I think the key is a smaller pan, probably.

Also cold. I am cold. I think these SmartWool socks are getting dumber with each washing. I think we may have to return to REI soon.

I also want to put a testimonial in here for Naphcon-A eyedrops. My newfound tree allergies had me ready to claw my eyes out. My aunt recommended these, and I put them in at night before I go to bed (they can't go in with contacts). And I no longer want to self-Oedipize! It's lovely. Much relief. Thought someone else might benefit from the knowledge.