April 22nd, 2006

taking a break

Time usage

me: So if nothing goes drastically wrong, I should be done drafting The Mark of the Sea Serpent by markgritter's birthday, conservative estimate.
timprov: What if the usual seven or eight things go drastically wrong?
me: Oh, then I'll be done with it by Amber's christening [two weeks earlier]. It's just the prospect of nothing going badly awry that's daunting. It'd be confusing. I wouldn't know what to do.
writing everywhere

Back in the swing of things

Some time ago, numinicious asked: Got any suggestions for getting back my creative writing groove, after several months of letting ideas and plots fester in my mind because I haven't the time to write and it now seems so much like a chore rather than a hobby? Other than quitting college? ;]

Umm. First thing is context: numinicious, for those of you who don't know her, is early in her college career and is at the traditional age for such things, which makes absolutely no difference, except when it totally does. So this post is specifically not addressed to those of you who -- oh, let's take an example we can pretend is random -- have a couple of books published and are wondering how to get back into writing from there. I do not know what to tell you and wouldn't presume to try. If I say something useful to you in this post, great, but you're not the intended audience.

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Free to good homes

This time it's not just free books, but also a free CD and some free VHS tapes. First priority to people in the Twin Cities; after that, first come, first serve within North America. These are either duplicates (the CD didn't get taken off markgritter's Amazon list the first time) or discards. Either comment or e-mail me if any of these are of interest.

Cliff Jordan & John Gilmore, Blowing In From Chicago

History of the World, Part I
The Tick Vs. Arthur (single episode of The Tick)

Kevin J. Anderson Hidden Empire
Elaine Cunningham, Shadows in the Darkness and Shadows in the Starlight
Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, The Deer's Cry
Sharyn McCrumb, Zombies of the Gene Pool
good mris pic

Week of April 16-22

One rejection, one revision request I forgot to report earlier (but I finished it and sent it back this week, so here we are). Even if they don't take this story, I will be very glad to have had this revision request on it, because it definitely improved the story.

The really freaky thing about having a blind friend is when you're driving your car and you see another driver who looks very, very much like him. It's frowned upon to shout, "Ack! Get off the road before you kill us all!" at other drivers, and yet the urge is still there.

As usual, I have a million other things to say. I've gotten my back worked on, though, so they can wait.