April 13th, 2006

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Shoulders and Sheratons

Between my shoulder* and a wee doglet who is thrilled to death to have her monkeys sitting on sofas and the like, I've done a lot of my writing this week longhand. I think I'm making good progress, but it's hard to tell in my paper journal. I'm just going with it as a general feeling, though, and it's not like I will be strung up for guessing wrong. This is a rough draft. I'm allowed to misjudge chapter lengths one way or another. I'll probably do more of that this evening. I'm almost through this paper journal. I love getting to have a new paper journal, and I have candidates already lined up.

I have dug up my lj badge from last year to go on with my con badge. I still have a few other things to handle. So I guess I should handle them, then, and not mess around on lj. I keep reminding myself that I will be going up to the Ilium Sheraton** for day and evening of several days, not to Mars for the next five years, and that very few things are set in stone for me about this weekend, and behaving as though they were would be silly.

*My shoulder is still mad at me over the fall down the stairs last week, but it's somewhat better than before I went back in to get it fixed up again yesterday. Last night I had markgritter rub a sample packet of Biofreeze on it. It was supposed to be like IcyHot but not smelly. Hah. It smelled like Vick's. I kept waking up in the night thinking, "What is that stench? Oh, it's me." Not optimal.

**They took the top off when they changed hotel names. I think it looks very silly the new way, and the topless towers thing pops into my head every time I manage not to call it the RadSouth, which is all your fault since I wasn't even going to Minicons yet when it was still the Radisson, and you know who you are, so don't try to look innocent. (And yes I know I still call Dayton's "Dayton's." Clearly that's different.)
good mris pic

Thursday night

The bars are cooling, and the Cambodian food was tasty, and it was good to see people again, or (in one little blond case) for the first time.

I have a story picked out to read, if I end up doing a reading -- they don't seem to have the reading schedules posted in advance this year, so I don't know one way or another whether the people scheduling them even got my e-mail, much less decided to act on it. This is suboptimal, but on the other hand it's replaced reading jitters with a vague unsettled feeling. Also this way if I don't end up reading, porphyrin doesn't get to kill me because it won't be my fault. But if you're going to be at Minicon, can you please look and see if I'm doing a reading, and if I am and you're not doing something different then, come? I'd appreciate it. I'd give you firmer parameters if I had them. I promise.

I am trying to decide what Hel's voice sounds like. I am equally convinced of two mutually exclusive options. Also I don't know which goddess's head is best to haul around. Made-up goddesses, so it's more along the lines of "sea goddess vs. huntress vs. patron of cheese" than "I'd rather have Athena's head than Demeter's any day/not me, I expect Demeter would at least know how to shut up." This will take some pondering. I can ponder while brushing my teeth, though, so at least there's that.

You know when little kids (and puppies) are really tired, and they won't stop wandering around, and you can't tell why not, because really they would be happier if they'd just lie down and go to sleep already? Umm. Yah. That.