April 6th, 2006

taking a break


In a locked post, someone on my friendslist has asked for positive/cheering/entertaining things. So I'm skipping the cranky rant for the moment, and here you go, ten good things:

1) The guy who fixed my shoulder did a really good job. It's still sore, but you'd expect that under the circumstances. Full range of motion has returned, with very little popping and no nausea. Yay. Also, he sounded like alecaustin, which was really relaxing. I think the rest of my friends should donate voice templates or other similar traits to body-related personnel. (matociquala is exempt as she has apparently already donated everything but her scent to my main doctor.) The massage therapist only sounded like Alec -- he looked a bit like a fairer-haired version of Legs/Walla, one of my lablings from when I had lablings, and he smelled like Dayton's Eighth Floor Auditorium. But that was okay.

2) I finally finished wrapping the stuff for the wee Amber Lynn (my NIECE, in case you weren't paying attention). She gets a HAT. Well, two, but one of them was sold separately. Hat! I mean.

3) I also have a new spring hat. I might wear it when we go for Amber's christening. Then we would be adorable in our hats, me and my NIECE.

4) I have something good to read (but I can't say what), and when it's over, I have library books. I like a stack of library books as yet unstarted. It's such a hopeful thing.

5) Minicon is coming up, and I get to see some people and meet other people in person for the first time, and I expect I will be able to almost totally avoid the Guest of Honor, and I haven't started freaking out about the number of people involved yet. (If I repeat that I haven't started yet enough times, maybe I never will start.) (...Nah. I have a pre-con freakout before every con.)

6) We have been invited to three weddings, one for a family member and two for friends who are marrying people who are already becoming our friends themselves. Also I don't have to fuss about what to wear, just about fixing that tiny thing on the purple dress, and my mom will live here soon, so I can use her thread-owning prowess for that. (My mom has every color of thread. Seriously. All of them. "Pale country puce"? Yep. It's in there somewhere.)

7) It looks like my cousins will be in Omaha when I am there. Since they don't live in Omaha, this is a total bonus, and not one any of us planned around. Thank you, universe! The three of us aren't all together much these days, now that Kari lives in Iowa and Mary in Texas, and it'll only get harder to work out times in common when my folks don't live in Omaha any more.

8) If I am a really good Mris all day long, I can have boysenberry sorbet with Ghirardelli chips on it as a reward after supper. If I am a really bad Mris all day long, I can have boysenberry sorbet with Ghirardelli chips on it as an incentive for improvement after supper. This is a good system.

9) There were two mallard ducks out in our bushes this morning. They upset missista, but the male's head was so shiny and green in the new light, and when I opened the door to get the paper, they flew away promptly and stopped bothering her.

10) I have a friendslist that will share its positive stuff with me, too (RIGHT?), and that can't help but be a good thing.