April 5th, 2006

good mris pic

Reporting back

I am not going so far as to declare today a day off, because I really want to work on the book, and things are not going to be good for that starting Friday: markgritter and I are going to Omaha for the weekend for one last time with my parents and my grands each having a house there, and then we'll get back and have a partial week, and then I'll be doing Minicon stuff. (Pre-con neuroses have not yet kicked in. Check back later.)

Still, the state of the shoulder is a bit grim. I'm calling my massage place as soon as they open. The owner is a PT, so if we've missed anything important about the shoulder, she will know, and she will tell me, and I will go deal with it. But I really think I just strained it and messed up the rest of my back in the process. I keep thinking of the spraining of one's dignity at the beginning of A Wrinkle in Time, but as I had no dignity to begin with, this is not an issue. Anyway: Advil is our friend. And the whole business is making me sick at my stomach again, oh hurrah. I have some confidence that my massage people will make things better.

The ENT has confirmed that I have another sinus infection (wheee) and says that if I come back with another in the next few months, she will have my head examined. Specifically, she will order a CAT scan of my sinuses to make sure there's nothing new and structurally wrong; there was nothing on the MRI from August, but August was awhile ago, so.

seagrit is now linking pictures, so I know it's okay, so: behold, world! My niece!