April 2nd, 2006

good mris pic

The news we've been waiting for!

Last night we sat down at "Princess Ida" at about 7:55 for an 8:00 show. I turned off my cell phone, like you do, and I said to markgritter, "Well, we could have a niece or nephew in the next two or three hours and not know it." He agreed that indeed we could.

And we did! Amber Lynn* Greenfield was born at 8:20, one time zone ahead of us, so we just barely missed the call. She is 7# 14oz, 20". We are told that she has her Grandma Linda's nose. Jeff didn't actually say that seagrit was doing well, but I'm pretty sure he would have remembered to tell us if she wasn't, and his voice would have sounded different.

markgritter said I must have been exhausted not to put anything on my lj last night, and indeed I was. I just went to bed and cried a little in happiness. Amber, sweet little one, every baby born on this Earth should be as wanted as you.

*ETA: We weren't sure of the spelling when I posted this, but now we know.