March 29th, 2006

good mris pic

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How is my morning going?

"It took two skalds, a god, and my little sister to stop it," said Kjartan grimly.

Like that.

I got my inspirational amber shinies from elisem yesterday. I looked like a Viking princess in them. If a Viking princess wore blue jeans and a black camisole, that is, which I feel confident she would have if she'd had the chance. (The camisole is the kind you can order in your actual bra size -- and, more to the point, in my actual bra size -- so it is a structural garment rather than a merely decorative one. Hurrah. With wires and everything. Way more comfortable. Yay internet.) And elisem and I geeked about books and the way history rolls over and does tricks for writers who pay it any attention at all. Also I got an artist's challenge of the month piece, so we'll see where that goes. Probably after I'm done drafting MSS and at least one other short story. Also I saw more sparklies to covet, but I was a virtuous Mris and did not buy any of them.

I don't dream that timprov has died nearly as often as I did before he went into the hospital, but I still do dream it. So I checked. He isn't dead, or wasn't an hour ago. So that's good.

Still hovering about two inches over the phone in impending auntiedom....