March 25th, 2006

good mris pic

Week of March 19-25

One rejection, just as I was writing this, so I had to delete the "nothing" line. One of those "all praise" rejections, too. Sigh. I also gave up on some markets this week.

I may have found a source for the style of noodle dish I have missed most since we moved here. Well -- certainly for the style, possibly for a near approximation of a specific yearned-after dish. That would be good. The Dayton's flower show was pretty meh -- not in any of the obvious ways, nothing insipid. Just meh.

markgritter is having an un-talkative day, and I think it's worn off on me, at least for a bit.
writing everywhere


I have often told people that they should read widely in the fields they're attempting to write in, so they know what is and isn't being done already.

Yet half the time I read a discussion of what fantasy isn't doing but maybe could, I think, well, hell, I'm doing that. But I didn't think about it that way. I didn't notice that other people weren't doing the thing that looked natural to me. I just kind of did something in the background with technology or with forms of government or heaven knows what, because that was what belonged there, and the thing I was actually thinking about was something completely different. Like narwhals.

That first sentence up there? It is no longer anything but an excuse to read lots of books.