March 16th, 2006

writing everywhere

Beasties and Stitials

Sinus pain is back in full force. Oh, the joy. Oh, the merriment. Oh, the call to an allergist. Sigh.

The snow is also back. So I hope our driveway clearing fellow is back, too, and in somewhat better time than he was Monday, and doing a somewhat more thorough job, too. If not, well, we will have A Discussion.

But I have made up a nasty for smiting in Chapter 6, and I'm afraid I may have tangled the plot in the meantimes, as it is almost certainly a significant nasty, but that's okay, there's plenty of book left in which the plot can come untangled. Ah! And just typing those sentences has done some significant untangling for me as regards the denouement, so hurrah for the brain left to work on its own unpressured.

There is an interstitial anthology coming up, and I would like to submit something. I like substantial fractions of what they point to when they say "interstitial." Unfortunately, I don't entirely understand why they're pointing. Most of the time I nod and say, yes, that's a fantasy novel. Yes, that's also a fantasy novel. Oh, look! Also a fantasy novel. Hey, there are some fantasy short stories. Good deal. And then some of the people who have read Thermionic Night are pointing at it and saying interstitial, and I am confused. Apparently it's something you can do accidentally. I had considered TN fully stitial: witches casting spells, case closed. Apparently the vacuum tubes confuse things, or maybe it's the spies. If I knew, I'd be several steps ahead of where I am. Anyway, "interstitial arts" is on my lj interests list, because I'm fascinated by poking at it with a stick: good stuff, why did they call it that?

So I will send them a story, and they will send it back and say, no, no, silly girl, this is not interstitial. And I will say, oooookayrightthen, and I will keep poking at it with a long mental stick. Or else they will say, yes, interstitial, hurrah, we buy your story! and I will beam at them in confused happiness: I did it! What did I do? Or, I suppose, they will say, yes, interstitial, but not for us, and I will still be confused and will continue with the poking.

I have often said that my main skill in life is being able to get the wrong end of the stick in an interesting way. This is not always an asset.
dead vikings

Weather reports

Has hell frozen over yet?

I have seven chapters of The Mark of the Sea Serpent rough-drafted.

They are Chapters 1-7.

I have another chapter with large portions written, and it may be done today or tomorrow.

It's Chapter 8.

This is so confusing.

Book! What are you doing, book?

I suspect that I will discover three or four things I need to do to the early chapters once I have a few more of the late chapters written, so that, at least, will make some sense.

This is not my new icon for Change Your Icon Day. This is my new icon for work on The Mark of the Sea Serpent. I'm at the V&A looking at a cast of a Viking tomb. Dead Vikings; close enough.
dead vikings

Rightness of the world restored

I've finished a draft of Chapter 15 and figured out an entirely new Chapter 4 that needs to go before the current Chapter 4. Whew.

I'm actually willing to write a book sequentially if it works out that way. I'm just not willing to go to any effort to make it happen, and it amuses me when it does to any degree.