March 14th, 2006

getting by

Nothing to do with pi or Einstein

I ate real food today for the first time since Saturday night. It's amazing how good a salad of mediocre winter veggies can taste when you've been living on toast and Cheerios. What's even better than a salad of mediocre winter veggies is -- well, anything, really. But what I had tonight that's better is boysenberry sorbet with Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips. I've really gotten fond of this combination. Tart-sweet-bitter-yum.

Continuing the apparent approach of the apocalypse, I'm now done with the rough draft of six chapters of The Mark of the Sea Serpent (out of an estimated seventeen in the magical disappearing rough draft outline): Chapters 1-5 and 7. Fear not, though: I worked on Chapters 8 and 10 today as well as polishing off 5. And as I recall, Dwarf's Blood Mead was a good deal closer to sequential than I usually write, and this is a sequel. So this one might go that way, too.

Miles to go before I sleep and all that, but not many hours: despite the real food, I am still beat into the ground. I'll be calling an allergist when we have a better handle on the schedule, because the sinuses have started misbehaving again, and I had another dysosmic event after a week and a half without, and that was how the plan went, so we'll just go with the plan.

Also I have my new icon ready for International Change Your Icon Day on Sunday. So I must be productive, right?