March 13th, 2006



Here we have a thick, wet late-winter snow. So far we appear to have only small branch damage to the trees. This is the kind of snow that lost us the tree in front two years ago. January snow is not nearly as dangerous to our trees as this.

But let me point out: the feature in the Strib today appears to be for boys' high school basketball tournament and its approach. Minnesotans! What do I tell you about snow every year? Every year, I say, "the snow is not over until the basketball is over." I realize you don't care who wins the high school boys' basketball tournament; heaven knows I don't. But you have to pay attention to when it is if you want to know when the snow might be over. (Not that it's guaranteed to be over after that. Just that the odds aren't at all good before it, no matter how warm it gets or how much has already melted off.)

Another rule of thumb is that if the Dayton's/Bachman's spring flower show is still on in the Eighth Floor downtown, you can't yet be confident that the snow is done. That's why they have the silly thing: so we can go breathe green out of the snow, and feel wistful, and perhaps buy their gardening crap. (I hope I get to go this year. It's not as good as the Christmas stories in the Eighth Floor, but it's still good, and who knows what they'll do now that Dayton's isn't Dayton's any more? You can't trust these Macy's people to know what's important. They might, but then they might not. But there's enough going on that I just can't tell what I'll be able to do in the next two weeks.)

I am an event calendar person rather than a date calendar person. My aunt Mary makes my calendars every year, and this year she notes that March 12 is Jack Kerouac's birthday and March 14 is Einstein's. What happens on the day between Kerouac and Einstein, I'm not entirely sure, but I guess we'll find out.
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How Confusing

I have four chapters of The Mark of the Sea Serpent drafted.

Three of them are Chapters 1, 2, and 3.

How very, very odd.

Reassuringly, the fourth is Chapter 7, not Chapter 4, so we know that I am still who I say I am, and the world has not, in fact, ended while we weren't looking.
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Sale: amused

I sold "Singing Them Back" to Baen's Universe this evening. They were the ones who wanted revisions.

I am particularly amused because the first story of mine they bought was "The Opposite of Pomegranates," which was inspired by a pair of elisem earrings called "'Oh, yeah?' said the rock sprite." They happen to be the earrings I got to match my first elisem necklace...which is "Singing Them Back."