March 7th, 2006

writing everywhere

Worse problems to have.

The moral of my dream last night was apparently that lydy and I should not become hackers. As timprov said, "Who knew? Well, okay, everyone. But aside from that."

Also, I can apparently write novels again. It's not that I ever intended to stop. It's just that I was Between Novels for an awfully long time. And now I'm not; The Mark of the Sea Serpent is in that stage where it's acquired gravitation, and things go where they're going and it's all going to be okay. Until I get another 20K or so down, and then it's going to suck for another 5K or so, but that's okay; that's how it goes.

Actually, if I recall correctly, my main problem with writing Dwarf's Blood Mead was that I never thought it sucked, and that made me nervous. So maybe the same will be true of The Mark of the Sea Serpent, it being a sequel and all.

There are worse problems to have.

Example of a Worse Problem

You know how I said earlier that there are worse problems to have than thinking my book is cool? Yah. Collapse ) certainly qualifies as worse. But what's even worse than that is having George Carlin's voice in my head, all faux-enthusiastic: Collapse ) That is what we call insult to injury.

Not fair not fair not fair.