March 4th, 2006

good mris pic

Week of February 26-March 4

Three rejections. Sing hey nonny nonny o.

The bouncing off of projects seems to have stopped. Today the brain was burrowing in, more like, which was nice after the bouncing off. Unfortunately, it's the kind of burrowing in that finds itself invincible: "Yes! I can finish The Mark of the Sea Serpent! And after I write that, I'll write the YA SF novel on Europa! And after that, the grown-up fantasy novel for 'What We Did to Save the Kingdom,' and then it'll be time to go to Minicon!" Down, brain. Sit, brain. Perhaps there will be a biscuit for you later, if you are a very good brain and do not talk about reindeer herding practices at ladysea's birthday.

Following up on yesterday, yes, I did mean that a gentleman never offends accidentally. I shouldn't post after 8 p.m. Things get all turned around. Anyway, one of the other remaining questions from my sleep-dep night was, "I'd like to hear some of your positive visions of maturity (being elderly, for instance)."*

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In other news, my gmail has just produced an ad for me: "Huge Sale on Bodhrans!" I love living in the future, and I love my life.

*I only have two more of these left.