March 3rd, 2006

getting by

not *that* kind of adult content

Apparently livejournal is progressing towards the day when everyone I've ever met has an lj account, except for my mom. This is not wholly a bad thing, but I'm not sure it's wholly a good one, either. I should be used to the idea that people will go on knowing each other without me -- all fandom is one, or something like that. And when it's fandom, I'm better with it. It's just when it's people I know from totally different places popping up knowing each other that I start to get a little freaked.

I am bouncing off things lately. Skimming along and then bouncing off, and I hope it rights itself soon, because it's pretty annoying. I pulled up a short story to try to trick my brain into doing something focused for awhile. I hope it works. I've also been cropping the remainder of my Christmas and New Year's pictures. Better late than never, and all that...not a project requiring great focus. So those should be up at novel_gazing in not too long.

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