March 2nd, 2006

getting by

Necessarily cryptic.

We've got a situation here. (Nobody ever says that and then says, "The situation is that everyone is fine and we're going to make brownies." Ever notice that?) One of the members of our extended family has some pretty serious health decisions to make in the next 24 hours or so. We're just waiting to see what they decide and what the outcome is.

So if we seem preoccupied and weird and worried and a little withdrawn today, that's probably why.

For those of you inclined to panic, seagrit and the baby are fine; this is not about them.
getting by

(no subject)

Still no news.

Except for local news, and that is that timprov's spinal fluid symptoms have been returning at record speed all day.

This is not perhaps the local news we would hope for to balance out the possibilities for more distant news.

Also nobody has sent me legally binding promises of metric buttloads of gold, platinum, and saffron for my beautiful artistic soul and the books it writes.

Also the buttons for "sarcastic" and "bitter" and "silly" on the back of my head all keep getting stuck in "on."