February 15th, 2006


Tired and happy

I am the closest thing we have to an able-bodied person right now, and I woke up with two kinds of cramps at 5:00 a.m. Wheeee. markgritter has a cold. timprov is worn out from an awesomely normal day, where we went around doing stuff like normal people. He walked from the car to the restaurant for lunch like a normal person. He dropped a pen and was able to just pick it up like a normal person. We could wander through all of Surdyk's instead of just picking up the Tokay and leaving, because he had enough energy that buying a bottle of Tokay was not his sole activity for the day.

I don't know how to say how neat this renormalizing time has been. Not just the obvious bits of normalcy, but...there were things that we just thought were How Timprov Is, things from at least four years ago if not more. Things we thought as personal physical quirks rather than symptoms. And it turns out they weren't normal at all, because now he doesn't have them. I continue to be amazed. I think some people would get all guilty, "why didn't we catch this before?" etc. I'm just amazed we caught it now. It was such a fluke. It could so easily have gone so many more years. It could so easily have gone for the rest of his life. Most of you who are reading this and know him have never seen the timprov doing this well. Ever. And we still may have to get him medicated for it, but that's such a small thing in exchange for having so much of his health back. Obviously he's not feeling perfect and probably won't be for quite some time. But the difference just keeps knocking us over.

Anyway, I am behind in nearly everything. I am caught up through February 6 on e-mail, so if you have an e-mail from February 6 or before and you're still waiting for an answer, please send it again. I need to do laundry and baking and cleaning and, oh yeah, writing. I even need to sew buttons on both of my winter coats. We're just trying to get by here, with maybe a little extra attention to joy when we have a tiny bit of energy left over, because, after all this time? It's time.