February 14th, 2006

good mris pic

Countdown to Cheap Chocolate

Happy Cheap Chocolates Day Eve, everybody!

I like VD. In years past, I've sent out Valentines to friends, because the people I love should know I love them even if it's not romantic love. This year I have not had time or energy. (One of the reasons I didn't send out Valentines with my low energy this year is that I don't want celebration to feel like an obligation to anybody, and that includes me.) But several of you should know that I love you, and many more should know that I like you a lot.

One of my happy memories of my grandmother-in-law was how pleased she was when she walked into the room to overhear me telling markgritter, "I like you." He said, "I like you, too." She laughed and said, "That's so important! Not just that we love each other, but that we like each other, too. Oh, it makes me so happy to hear that." I miss her. I think everyone who knew her does.

timprov and I are limping back up to full strength around here. My sinus infection is much better, but the tail end of it lingers. Yesterday he still needed to lie down a lot to avoid spinal headaches. But we are trying to be smart and take care of ourselves and each other, and markgritter is trying to take care of himself and both of us as well, so we're doing the best we can, and it's better than last week. Which is a good general goal for all of us, really.