February 11th, 2006

good mris pic

Week of February 5-11

Nothing editorial in the mail this week. No acceptances, no rejections, nothing.

Well, it's not like I'd have had a lot of time to send things back out anyway. But this week I will! Take note, o editing and agenting types: this week there is time!


Anyway, I'm trying not to drown in house chores here. We've got nightstands, which should be the last of new furniture for awhile, so I needed to clean out the plastic storage bin that was serving as a nighttime platform for my glasses and electric mattress pad controller. I need to take a break to watch some Olympics and read (entirely coincidentally, I assure you) Olympos. And yes, "need" is the correct verb there. I am exhausted. Resting is not optional at this point.

timprov is showing off, doing things like going up and down the stairs at a normal pace whenever he feels like it. I am delighted.

One of you asked (yes, I'm still working through questions six weeks old) what my general attitude towards the picaresque novel is. I don't think I have a general one. Some "clever rogues" annoy me greatly, particularly if they aren't clever enough or if their roguery strikes me as assholery instead. Other such adventurers are clever enough to amuse me. So it's not a genre line that maps well to my enjoyment, basically.