February 10th, 2006


Theirs goes to 11 ccs.

timprov had some meds arranged and some therapy arranged, but there was no really big leap in his well-being over the course of his hospital stay. The doctors were not able to see something else he could do immediately while he was there, though, so his neurologist ordered one more diagnostic, a spinal tap, before he could go home today. Spinal taps are generally quite painful, and my own experience with neurologists indicates that they're reluctant to order them on a whim. But they wanted to make sure he didn't have any infections in his spine or anything like that. So he went in for his spinal tap around 11:30. They took 11 ccs of spinal fluid.

And...he feels like a million bucks. He felt immediately, substantially better, and the procedure that was described to him as painful, he described as "a little weird, but otherwise great." He is now supposed to lie down for the rest of the day aside from meals and bathroom breaks, but so far, no headache, no nausea, no nothing. Just...feeling better than he has in over a year. As we waited (and waited, and waited, and waited) for the actual intended effect of the procedure to be finished (the diagnostics in lab), his shoulders started to relax, the knots in his neck went down, and he started smelling like himself again.

We haven't talked to the doctors about this directly yet, but...excess of spinal fluid? Quite possibly. Causes pain etc. If it recurs, we will know what to try next. This doesn't mean that timprov is magically all better, but with this result and the meds and therapy, things are looking brighter than they have in a very, very long time.

And he's home, and markgritter gets home on a 10:00 plane, and I am such a happy girl.