February 8th, 2006

getting by

Timprov update

My father and I have finished dinner, and I'm just starting to wind down. Pretty soon I will fall over.

timprov was admitted to the hospital this afternoon after a bunch of waiting, a good MRI, and various other tests we don't know the results of yet. The ER nurses are every one of them Heroes of the Revolution, and I have high hopes of the regular nurses as well. There was a fairly bad moment when the doctor had mistaken the main problem and wanted to send a mostly-immobile timprov home with some pain meds and a bunch of appointments to drive around to (??!!), but we made the mobility problem clear, and they're going to have him deal with some specialists there in the hospital. We still have no idea when he will come home. It could be tomorrow, or any day thereafter. But it will not be tonight.

(I know ER doctors have a lot to take care of. But a few bits of information seemed to have fallen between the cracks that were not really optional bits of information. So we repeated them as necessary.)

Other than the ER nurses, Heroes of the Revolution include porphyrin and CJ.

Dad is walking the bop. I am going to take some deep breaths and maybe write an e-mail or two and then have dessert with Dad and try not to fall asleep in my ice cream.