February 3rd, 2006


Status report and cooking

Well, my sinuses still hurt like crazy, and nothing is fixed so far, but at least my stomach is upset by the antibiotics. Umm.

But despite that, I'm doing pretty well mentally, I think. We've got a plan for taking care of timprov (if you want details, ask on e-mail), and the meeting with his doctor went as well as it could without her offering a magic spell that makes everything feel better, or even a technological equivalent. I got him breakfast and sang silly old songs with him before he went to bed this morning, and the small beast-dog has been a nice beast-dog this morning, and now markgritter is awake. And it's snowing, and I don't have to go out in the snow until later today, and by then it might not be snowing any more.

And we have enough stuff to worry about that I'm patting myself on the back for getting any writing done instead of fussing about whether it's the right writing, which seems like a good thing.

Two of you asked -- back at the beginning of last month, and yes, I'm still on those questions -- about my favorite things to cook. Right now my favorite thing to cook is Spanish rice. I feel like I could live on the smell of it, the saffron and garlic and white wine. I like eating it, too, but that's not the question you-all, and I really, really love cooking it. I almost always do a little groovy dance when I'm making Spanish rice, because it makes me so happy. I have started trying to think of main dishes it could go with, because mostly I make it for with black bean soup, and we don't want that all the time, but I still love Spanish rice.

Also, on a much less interesting note, I seem to have remembered that I'm allowed to make myself salads at lunch, so I do, and they make me very happy.

What are your favorite things to cook? Are they the same as your favorite things to eat?