January 28th, 2006

getting by

Week of January 22-28

One rejection. That's it. And that just arrived today, too. What a lame month. I guess the only thing I can do about this is write more short stories. Whee. I mean, I have short stories I'd like to get out of my head, but I have novels I'd like to get out of my head, too, and I like writing novels much better.

I was in a pretty savage mood around lunch. I think I've gotten rid of it. Now I'm just gloomy. I have avoided posting about several things because it seemed like they would reinforce rather than relieve my gloomy moods. I can be stubborn about these things. It serves me in good stead.

Now there will be guacamole, and then ice cream, separated in space and time so as not to gross anybody out, particularly me.

I'm going to take a page from yhlee's book. She often will ask that people tell her something about [noun]. Tell me something about siblings, please. Yours, other people's, the ones you spawned, lack thereof, whatever. Whatever you like, to divert a gloomy Mris.