January 18th, 2006

getting by

State of the Mrissa Report: after the EEG

So. My brain is normal. Stop laughing! I have medical confirmation!

Okay, he did not actually say normal, he said within normal parameters. Still: no seizure disorder or other anomalous brain activity recorded in the sleep-deprived EEG.

This is a good thing.

We have a plan. This, too, is a good thing. The plan is:
1) Thorough work-up at competent dentist
2) Return to ENT for more in-depth test as discussed with Dr. porphyrin, who is a Hero of the Revolution, a Flying Squirrel Diva of the Jovian Moons, and any other honor we can dig up around here.
3) See an additional, more specific neurological clinic that may be able to rule out more funkiness because of their greater experience with funkiness.

See what a plan it is? It is a plan. It does not involve me taking mind-altering medication for a condition I am not on record as having. And why does it not? Because I was polite but firm with the doctor and made him consider other options. Because I am well enough and of a personality type to stand up for myself. It bothers me that this was necessary, because not everybody is that well, and not everybody has that personality. I liked my first neurologist better. There's nothing wrong with this guy. I just liked the other one better. He (that is, the missed first neurologist) looked like autopope (in hair mode, not bald mode) if autopope had been Quebecois-Minnesotan. Also he listened to me and paid attention to what I said without me having to go into Marissa Lingen, Girl Physicist, geek smackdown mode. I can do ex-physicist smackdown mode. It's just wearing.

(Gosh. How many of my medical professionals can remind me of science fiction writers? My gp could be matociquala's sister. This is not a bad thing, though.)

More specifics are available on e-mail for those of you who want to know things like "what kind of more specific neurological clinic?" But this is as much information as I care to give on lj for the moment.

I am -- as I have been the past several days -- rather tired, and I intend to spend much of the day doing stressful things like watching "Red Dwarf" and poking novels with veeeeeery long sticks and reading a Spenser novel borrowed from dd_b.