January 14th, 2006


These Questions Two

1. Do you read collections and anthologies in order? Or do you skip around in them? Or does the answer vary, and if so, what does it vary with?

2. If you could wipe a song from the face of the earth, including everyone's memories, which song would it be? I was thinking "Tell Laura I Love Her" because I have a hatred for that song far beyond its actual appearances in my life (which are few and far between). timprov suggested the entire oeuvre of Creed. We moved on to that one horrid car crash song, which would obliterate its original and Eddie Vedder remake forms. But surely we are missing entire realms of the horrid here. Enlighten us.
getting by

Week of January 8-14

Two rejections, one...indication of interest, is I guess how I'd put it? Editors who have had reasonable suggestions on a story of mine they've published in the past say they have a few suggestions about a short story I sent them. Which is a very good sign but nothing firm yet, obviously.

I got my back fixed and made brownies. I'm rereading Freedom and Necessity for the first time in ages. I'm not a very energetic Mris, againstill. But there are good things to look forward to, and there are worse things than curling up on the couch with Freedom and Necessity. Lots of 'em.