January 3rd, 2006


"The only thing that counts is that I don't sleep."

I am amused at how many people on my friendslist have said that they've had an uncharacteristic night of insomnia recently, and that they all keep thinking it would have been useful if only it had been tonight, because then they could call me. You people are sweet.

When I was thinking about 2005, one of the mental tags that popped into my head was The Year I Didn't Have A Brain Tumor. But actually I would prefer not to have that as a unique signifier for 2005, if it's all the same to you.

I'm allowed to have naps this afternoon and early evening, if I can take them. My plan is to go in to get my back fixed at 1:00 and then come home and try to take a nap. Isn't that a thrilling plan? You're here for the nonstop excitement, I bet. That and the recipes for bars.

I figured out that if Baba Yaga lived in Bemidji, her house would have avocado green siding. So at least I'm doing something useful this morning. Isn't that great, that in this line of work, this counts as productive? Writing about tract homes lurching down the freeway on chicken feet? I love what I do. This morning I've been working on "Carter Hall Sweeps a Path" and also on Sampo revisions. If I could stop obsessing about tonight, it would be a pretty good morning.

Do not forget to make suggestions to fuel potential blogorrhea to help keep me up tonight. You can decide not to; that's fine. But don't forget. Also e-mail might be a pleasant diversion. Keep them cards and letters coming. Yah.

Verbal tics removed on revision, take 574

As this book is not a New Age seminar, my characters can all stop $#&@% finding themselves! Okay, sure, the skalds have knocked you out, you can maybe wake to find yourself in a featureless room, but generally you can just be impressed with something rather than finding yourself impressed, go to the forest rather than finding yourself in the forest.


ETA: gaaneden was asking us for brags, and I have to say, with all the stuff I'm revising out of this draft, I really do like some bits of it. I don't want to quote too many bits so it's like a movie trailer that shows the only worthwhile parts of the movie so then there's no point to going. But I really like some of the stuff I'm doing here. And it's not even all Orvokki.

It's mostly Orvokki, though.
getting by

Sleep dep: spamming the lj begins

Well, and here we go: this is pretty much the limit of "normal bedtime" for me. I took a short nap in the afternoon as planned, but when I tried to take one this evening, I couldn't (stomach too upset), and now I'm not allowed. For another...about twelve hours, counting the time until I get there and then the test time. Meep.

I'm going to need to eat something in the next hour or two, but I'm not sure what will be reasonable. Cereal, maybe. Cereal is good. Cereal has blueberries in.

Some of you made one or two good suggestions for babbling topics. One of you made so many that I'll be set for random topic prompts for weeks. Much appreciated, thanks.

I've been plenty awake enough to read down on the couch, so that's what I've been doing. I finished matociquala's Worldwired, and it had the good problem for books with ensemble casts rather than the bad problem. (The bad problem comes about when I only care about one of the characters and resent having to read about the rest of these stupid people. The good problem comes when I care about all the characters and want more about all of them, so that a 400 page novel would be about 1200 pages: this is not a good want to indulge.) I'm in the middle of Ann Halam's Siberia now, and it appears to be genuine YA SF and not YA fantasy with SFnal decoration. So that'll be pretty neat if it keeps up.