Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

State of the Writer Report

Anybody want my brain? Like, for science or something?

I am currently not working on Zodiac House, a children's fantasy novel. Not not not not not not. And also no. So far, not working on Zodiac House is not taking more time and energy than working on Zodiac House would, and I remain hopeful on that point, see how "hopeful" and "confident" are not at all the same thing? Yah. I've noticed that, too.

I am also currently not tweaking Thermionic Night. This is not a multiple not. It's just a not. I can if I decide it's a good idea. I can't decide whether it's a good idea or not, largely because I'm still working on Sampo and am afraid I will remove an element and need it later. I suppose this is what saving multiple copies of a file was invented for.

I am currently working on Sampo. It's huge and work-ish and good and did I mention huge? The problem is not the size of the book itself. It's smaller than a lot of your books, and will likely remain so through the editing process. The problem is that it has something like four years of research trailing around after it spawning stories and other books and...stuff.

I'm also making notes, cautiously, when I feel like it, for the Aesir noir novel, which has a title somewhere, dammit, and for The Mark of the Sea Serpent.

I would really like to send scalzi a short story, since he's taking them and all, and I would like to finish poor gaaldine's birthday story, but I'm not pushing too hard on this point, because my brain doesn't seem to want to do short stories right now, at all. Not even "Carter Hall Sweeps a Path," and if that's not a fun short story to hand a brain, I don't know what is. Some people's brains.

So, left to its own devices, that would be five novels on which the wheels are actively turning. And zero short stories. Stupid brain! Slow down! Go that way! Nnnnghhh! And then there's a little voice that says, "I really am a science fiction writer, too, not a fantasy writer only. I could do the alien diplomacy novel. I could do the Ganymede adventure YA. I could do the neuropsych start-up novel. I have to remember how to be an SF writer as well as a fantasy writer." Shut up, little voice! What I have to remember is not to be crushed under the weight of novels!

I am in that mode where I assure myself, quietly, that whatever I manage to get done today is all right, but really there are limits.

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