November 22nd, 2005


More little red seeds.

Last night we had a pomegranate in honor of my story sale. Usually we don't observe short story sales around here, but usually the titles don't suggest a fairly easy observance, so there you have that. I may try a recipe for pomegranate walnut salmon with the remainder of the seeds, if no one snarfs them first.

I also think I should write a story called "Multi-Course Sushi Dinner With Ice Cream To Follow," that sort of thing. "Buying Lots of Books and Then Taking a Cheerful Walk." "Startling Improvement In Health and a Trip to Patagonia." No, that's not right, because it wasn't just "Pomegranates," so it'd have to be something like, "The Star Sword's Dream Dragon and the Multi-Course Sushi Dinner With Ice Cream To Follow," just to make it a complete genre title.

Also this is because timprov is one of the local experts at spoiling the mrissa, and he was grocery shopping with me and spotted the pomegranates. All by myself I wouldn't have thought of it.

I feel multiple kinds of shitty today, and have done for the last few days. But I'm still here and upright and able to get some things done, so on I go.
writing everywhere

More sale.

I just sold "The Flask of Today" to Story Station, a children's webzine. Neat!

The title came from a misread of the phrase "flask of Tokay," so maybe the "celebrate in keeping with the title thing" is not a bad idea. Much more expensive than a pomegranate, though.