November 10th, 2005

peeking out

Better. I promise.

I am upright! I am capable of driving a vehicle! I did not think twice about my choice of breakfast lest it Cause Problems!

I still feel like I was sent for and couldn't come, but we're getting there, at least.

Also I have come up with a clever work-around so that I do not have to write the synopsis of Sampo this week. Clever, clever me. I feel rather closer than one would prefer to panic and/or gloom this week, so not having to write a synopsis for awhile longer is probably not a negative thing. I recognize that I will have to write a synopsis for Sampo. I even recognize that I probably will need to do it soon. But on a day that's not today is good enough for me.

I have also rearranged some items on my to-do list and moved some from this week to *cough* January. The pianos need tuning. We ought not to forget to tune the pianos. The pianos do not, however, need tuning today, and the tuning of the pianos really does not need to loom over my head and clutter my list so that I don't see the things that really do need to get done today.

I have been meaning to say somewhere along the line -- well before January -- that I do not exchange Christmas presents or Christmas cards. I give Christmas presents and send Christmas cards, but whether you get one from me is exceptionally rarely, if ever, about whether you gave/sent one to me. (The rare exception is when I didn't have an address and your Christmas card conveyed one to me.) I find that I'm much happier with giving and receiving when they don't have to be in precarious balance. So if I sent you a present last year, I may well not send you a present this year, or I may. If that affects whether you want to get me something, your best default option is not to. I won't feel the slightest bit bad if I get you something and you don't have anything for me. I might do boxes of mixed candies again some year, but this is not that year. If we have habitually exchanged Christmas presents in the past and it will actively make you unhappy to get something from me this year, you need to let me know that soon. Okay? Okay.