November 5th, 2005

getting by

Dizzy Saturday morning

The internet connection is being unbearably slow this morning -- timing out most things it tries -- so I'm going to see if I can upload this later, at a good moment.

I hear tell that getting enough sleep at cons is important, but I don't think they meant that I should sleep 12 of the last 24 hours. Well--it wasn't all sleeping per se. Some of it was kind of lying down drifting. I no longer have stomach cramps or feel I need to be within ten feet of the bathroom at all times, but I'm pretty dizzy still. I think this is just the tail end of Thursday's food poisoning. Hope so. We've figured out that if I'm not steadier by tomorrow, porphyrin and Mike have two drivers and one car, so porphyrin has offered that she could drive my car and I could ride in the backseat of theirs and change DVDs for Robin. Hope we don't have to do it that way, but it's nice to have the option figured out.

I made it to two panels yesterday. "The Bedroom, or What's This Sex Scene Doing in My Fantasy?" featured Gregory Frost, Eileen Gunn, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Maria V. Snyder, and Jennifer Stevenson. Nobody had to resort to reading examples at length (although TNH did use a recent bit from Making Light), and I had a decent time. If anything, it made me want to read Jennifer Stevenson's stuff a bit more, because it sounded like she had more focus on humor than I might have thought from her book covers. I can stomach a great deal more romance in the name of humor.

The second panel was "Adapting the Brothers Grimm & Other Fairy Tales." Umm. It had the makings of a great panel, with Delia Sherman, Terri Windling, and Jane Yolen. David Drake was on it briefly, but he didn't seem to think he was well-placed there, and he had something else to attend halfway through. But the moderator was Dennis McKiernan. Oh my. Do you want to know the name of every book he has ever had published or will have published soon? We can tell you. His superhero name is apparently Captain Buymybook, or maybe Self-Promotion Man. He dragged the whole panel down. Something like half the audience left in the middle. It was really a shame, because I was interested in what Sherman, Windling, and Yolen had to say. But everyone has their limits, and that was mine, and I was not alone. (leahbobet to me, mid-panel, sotto voce: "You're twitching." Well, yah.)

Other than that, I hung out with several people and met a few more, talked to some agents, ate meals on schedule, and managed not to find ksumnersmith. She has been spotted by people who can see her all the time in Toronto. This does not help me any. I think there are at least three people I would really like to find still, although I would also like to spend more time with an assortment of folks if I can manage to keep upright long enough. leahbobet and stillsostrange suggested that katallen and I should get a palanquin. I think this is a good idea. I know how to do the proper wave and everything. Also, I will be very easy to spot in a palanquin, so the people I'm looking for can come to me, maybe. It's a theory, anyway.

It looks like this morning would be a good time to go to a couple of readings and maybe pick up my shiny. I also hear tell that there's an lj gathering today from 3-5 in the bar or the overflow bar (I wasn't clear which, but they're close to each other anyway).

Wow. This is a really, really sucky connection this morning. Ah, there we go: hello, world of the internet!